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Our premium charcuterie boards, graze boards and tables, are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are hosting any event, corporate or private, weddings or birthdays, gifts or virtual events, at Eat Spread Love is here to taste up your day.

We put immense care and consideration into every board we create for you and your loved ones. Our artisans are committed to providing you a high quality and delicious grazing experience. We source our high-quality meats and cheeses from premium suppliers to maximize your enjoyment of our spreads. We hope that you can taste the care we put into every board.


About Us

Our boxes have become the new exciting trend to send as a surprise delivery!

Eat Spread Love is a GTA-based company that specializes in celebrating special occasions with the enjoyment of luxurious charcuterie boards, charcuterie boxes and grazing tables. 


We started off in 2020 making charcuterie boards for fun at home.  Wow’d our friends on social media and the charcuterie trend allowed us to turn our passion into a catering service to spread love through the delivery of readily assembled charcuterie gift boxes, charcuterie boards, charcuterie cups and cones, and beautiful grazing tables! 


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What is a Charcuterie Board?

If you were to look up the term charcuterie board, you’d be confronted with a lot of different versions. And for good reason, since they’re so fun to make and are fit for so many different occasions.

You’ll find that some of the more traditionally influenced charcuterie boards tend to consist of a selection of sliced meats that are cooked or cured. This is often accompanied by items such as cheese, fruits, bread, crackers, vegetables and well, the list goes on. All are presented on a board or platter and placed on a table for people to gather around and help themselves.